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The only UK Tier One Supplier with disability employment at it's heart

We are a unique business.

We practice positive discrimination ensuring the majority of our workers have disability or disadvantaged issues.


Our facility provides full social support including occupational health and support, welfare support and advice as well as a range of healthy foods and drinks


We have to be competitive to grow and develop our business so we operate to the highest quality and efficient processes whilst maintaining benchmark CSR

Evera, formerly known as Remploy, is single source supply on all of its products and services to its customers and typically for the life of product platform ( 7 to 15 years ) including through to aftermarket and spares.


We have all of the quality standards including IATF16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, JLRQ and Ford Q1

We cover a comprehensive range of components such as :

•Fuel systems

•Braking systems

•Cooling systems

•Chassis components

Environmentally Compliant

Development and training for all employees

We practice green in all we do

We protect our precious natural resources with recycling and reuse

We are a family

Product examples 

Por d14.png
Product 6.png
Product 5.png
Product 2.png
Product 4.png
Prod 11.png
Prod 10.png
Product 8.png
Prod 13.png
Prod 12.png
Evera 2.png
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