Remploy was founded to support disability in the workplace and was government owned up to 2013. The business is committed to providing skilled jobs for the majority of its workforce who have some form of disability.


This is the driving vision of Chairman David Roberts: "every year it becomes even more relevant to ensure that we practice and promote greater social responsibility in corporate thinking and strategy. We are in danger of the industrial revolution, that brought so much prosperity and better living standards to so many in the West becoming a divisive agent; with too much wealth in the hands of too few. The 4th Industrial Revolution should not only be about technology and automation but about balancing social justice and responsibility, better life/work choices and less short term financial gains"


Remploy is a benchmark and leading exponent and example of true Corporate Social Responsibility.

Royal Doulton Water Filters
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In the 19th Century the legendary craftsmen of fine Royal Doulton®

ceramics were already making water filters effective enough to rid

river water of cholera bacteria, rendering it fit to drink.

By the time Queen Victoria came to the throne the Doulton® brand

name was established as an innovative manufacturer of domestic

and industrial products.

In 1835, Queen Victoria, realising the dangers of her drinking water,

commissioned the company to produce water purifiers for the Royal

household. They created a gravity fed stoneware unit with the

artistry of hand-crafted pottery, fitted with a clay filter element for

bacteria removal. The Queen, pleased with their achievements,

conferred the honour of the Royal Crest to Doulton's water purifiers.

In 1901 Doulton® received the Royal Warrant, in part due to the

company’s outstanding contribution to sanitary science. It was

simultaneously awarded the rare privilege of using ‘Royal’ in its name

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Doulton® ceramic filters provide people, whatever their situation,

with drinking water filters that perform consistently every time and

give them clean, healthy great-tasting water from almost any fresh

water source.

Doulton Water Filters works alongside NGO’s transforming

communities who have continually battled with the problem of

potentially fatal water-borne diseases:

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